Types of orders


Types of orders

The types of orders from the point of view of terms, how to execute and display orders that a client can use to trade securities are as follows:
1) Pursuant to prices, orders may be as follows:
  • market (M) – the client does not set any limitations regarding the price,
  • limited (L) – the client sets the highest acceptable price of the purchase, i.e. the lowest acceptable price of the sale,
  • discretionary (D) – the client does not set the price of securities sale or purchase. It is registered within the brokerage trading system at the price of the broker, i.e. when the broker professionally finds the order execution the most suitable for the client pursuant to the situation at the market. It expires on the trading day.
  • market into limited (ML) – it is entered as a market order and executed at the best price of the opposite order. If the order cannot be executed completely at the price of the opposite order, the order shall be transformed into a limited order for the rest at the price of its partial execution.
  • stop – it includes an additional parameter, the stop price. When the stop price is reached at the market, the order shall be automatically activated as the market order (stop market order SM),e. the limited order (stop limited order "S"), and it shall be execute only if conditions of the market allow it.
Apart from the mandatory elements, orders may include some additional requirements related to the amount, presentation manner and execution time.


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